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Dalian Peize Trading Co., Ltd

Dalian Peize Trading Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful harbor city in North China–Dalian. It is an industrial & trading company with more than twenty million USD dollars annual turnover in garment production and export business. Daian Peize has two manufacturing bases: DALIAN HONGYANG GARMENT FACTORY, and MYANMAR HAOYANG INTENATIONAL GARMENTS CO., LTD. There are two branches-- HK office and Tokyo office in name of Dalian Peize. We bring superior value-added support to our customer through our accurate sensibility for trend, high quality. Company’s business philosophy: Pursuing the happiness of material and spiritual for our staffs while continuously making contribution to our customers and the society. Certification: ISO9001, Disney

Peize Business Philosophy

Pursue the spirit of all staff

Material level of happiness at the same time

Make continuous contributions to customers for the society

The main exporting countries: Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Chile etc.

The main products:

Woven jacket, down/padding jacket, sportswear, ski suit etc.

Home wear, T-shirt, Pajamas


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