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Lead's Oration

Since 2000, under the guidance of the care of friends and customers from all walks of life, our company has developed from the original 3-4 people, a small company with an annual export of only $1.5 million to a comprehensive strength enterprise with an annual export volume of over $20 million, with physical factories, sample centers and inspection centers. We have been adhering to the "serious, hard work and gratitude" attitude of work, which is also our corporate culture, we will always adhere to and pass on.

In 2010, he began to study the works of Mr. Inamori Inamori, and joined Shenghwa School. He made clear the company's business philosophy: to pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees while continuously contributing to the community for customers.

Looking forward to the future, in line with the changing situation and customer needs, we will set up production bases in Southeast Asia, and continue to provide customers with quality and low-cost products.

Customer satisfaction, employee happiness, is my pursuit of goals and life significance, I will lead all staff to this unremitting effort.

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