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107 domestic and foreign fashion brands sales performance and market trend in the first half of 2018

Recently, listed companies at home and abroad have published financial reports for the first half of 2008 (the second quarter). izi Retail divides the companies and brands that have disclosed their performance into seven categories, and summarizes their performance and market trends for your reference.

In the second quarter of 2018, the overall performance of domestic and foreign fashion brands was positive, especially in the Asia-Pacific / China region, sales performance was considerable.

In addition to the horizontal comparison of brand performance, this paper also summarizes the market trends and trends of each category in the first half of the year, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of its market development.

Luxury goods

According to the Spring 2008 Report of the Global Luxury Markets Monitor, sales revenue in the global luxury market is expected to increase by 6-8% year-on-year in 2008 at a constant exchange rate. Over the same period, the sales volume of personal luxury goods in mainland China is expected to increase by 20%-22% over the same period.

About one-third of global personal luxury sales have contributed to Chinese consumers, becoming the backbone of the growth of the luxury industry.

Gucci leads luxury, and the rest of the brands go up and down.

Gucci leads luxury, and the rest of the brands go up and down.

Luxury brand dynamics & market summary

1, import tariff reduction, multi brand price adjustment
In July of this year, the state again lowered import tariffs on some commodities, including clothing, shoes, hats and other import tariffs from 15.9% to 7.1%. According to media analysis, the new policy is conducive to narrowing the spread and promoting the return of luxury goods in China.
Some commodity prices in Louis Vuitton have fallen, while Gucci has adjusted the retail prices of all direct retail outlets in mainland China by an average of 5%, according to Peng Mei News.
2, spare no effort to become younger.
In early August, Burberry released the latest brand logo and Monogram letter printing patterns. The new logo replaces the previous glossy font with sans serif fonts, and the latest Monogram alphabet prints feature a younger, brighter color combination.
Of course, there are companies that are adopting faster acquisition strategies, with Ermenegildo Zegna Group buying 85% of Thom Browne, the popular American designer brand, for about $500 million.
3, open full channel marketing.
More and more advertising is moving from traditional media to the Internet. The growth of mobile video advertising is particularly notable. According to eMarketer, advertising expenditure for China Mobile videos will grow by 36.2% over the same period in 2018.
Meanwhile, luxury brands have shown great enthusiasm for social platforms, such as Dior, which officially launched in August, has released 13 short videos so far, with 43,000 fans. In July, Chanel recorded 13 J12 watches on the chattering video and got 800 thousand points.
During the Tanabata Festival, Dior, Burberry, Cartier, Givenchy, Valentino, Miu Miu and other brands launched the Tanabata Limited products, and put the main battlefield in the Weixin ecosphere.
4, online diversification, offline caution
In the first half of the year, luxury brands are still cautious, while online channels are becoming more and more open and diversified, more and more luxury goods into Tianmao, Jingdong Luxury Platform. Louis Vuitton also officially launched the official online flagship store in China.
International boutique
In the second quarter of 2018, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein posted impressive results among the disclosures in the category, while the rest showed flat, mostly single-digit growth.
From the group point of view, the results of the four groups surveyed have increased to varying degrees, of which Tapestry and Michael Kors Group's high performance is mainly due to brand acquisitions.
International boutique brand dynamics
1, brand style is constantly innovating.
Since Raf Simons joined Calvin Klein, a series of brand innovations have begun, including brand logo changes.
In Calvin Klein 205W39NYC 2008 autumn blockbuster, featuring the youth of the United States, the Helmeted Down Cap and Sunglasses became the focus of the autumn series with a unique style.
2, actively embrace online channels.
In July 24th, Michael Kors formally launched a long WeChat product with all merchandise category. Consumers can browse and choose all kinds of products such as handbags, clothing and so on.
International cosmetics
In the second quarter of 2018, the results of the seven cosmetics groups were increased, including Estee Lauder Group and Emily Pacific Group, which showed double-digit growth.
Brand dynamics of cosmetics
1, new brand & new product
In August 20th, Chanel announced that it will launch its first men's make-up product line in South Korea in September 1st, including three products, namely, liquid foundation, lip balm and eyebrow pencil. This may indicate the arrival of the era of men's makeup.
Estee Lauder group's skin care brand Darphin and perfume brand Aerin respectively set up China's first flagship store / boutique in Hangzhou Yinlin general store and Nanjing De Ji square.
2, the "all channel" strategy is irresistible.
According to izi Retail, more than 40 international high-end cosmetics, 80% of the brands have opened Tianmao or Jingdong flagship stores, and 50% of the brands have opened micro-mail programs. (click: 2018 first half of the year, cosmetics market research and trend report)
3, the flash shop has new tricks.
YSL opened a 4 day YSL Beauty Hotel flash store in Hongkong on July seventh day. The hotel can not be a real check-in, but with some makeup as decoration, set up a "hotel lobby" and different styles of rooms, but also a game area, vending machines and so on.
Outdoor sports
In recent years, the consumption of sports goods driven by sports socialization has increased significantly. According to the National Bureau of statistics, in 2017, the number of sports and entertainment commodities above the limit increased by 15.6% over the previous year.
From a global perspective, the social networking and fashion of sports products have also made many brands perform brilliantly. In the second quarter of 2018, the overall sales volume of this category showed an upward trend.
The emergence of characteristic concept shops
In July 8th, Reebok opened the first flagship store in Asia Pacific in Shanghai. In addition to regular sportswear and merchandise, the negative floor of the store also built a gym CrossFit Box and launched fitness courses.
On August 9, Li Ning opened the first Li Ning fashion store in China in Zhuhai, gathered Li Ning's fashion products, and opened Ning Space in Wanxiangtiandi, Shenzhen.
Fast fashion
From the global performance point of view, the second quarter of 2018, the survey of fast fashion group performance showed an upward trend, of which Uniqlo parent fast-selling group performance growth was the fastest, 12.4%.
New brand enters the preferred electricity supplier
On August 21, Zara's parent company Inditex Group's brand Uterqu e announced the inclusion of Tianmao, women's clothing prices focused on 800-2000 yuan.
According to Inditex Group, the brand's annual sales in 2017 were 97 million euros, up 17% from a year earlier. By the end of April this year, Uterqu was in full swing.

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